Technical Tuesdays

Workshops to help bring your best to "work" and more!


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From the genius of Pat Barron, weekly workshops were created to help individuals return to the workforce. Technical Tuesdays  focus more on the technical and practical skills essential to the job search, getting the job, keeping the job, and more!

Whether you're a seasoned professional looking to improve or share  your knowledge , someone who has little to no work experience, or just want to participate in intriguing and dynamic conversation, Technical Tuesdays is for you!

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Keep the Vision in Mind

Why the picture of a house? Technical Tuesdays would not exisit without a mission in mind for gainining and maintaining employment. The goal of growing or supplementing income can be the key to increasing self-sufficieny and independence. If we are trying to qualify for housing or pay for housing, then employment is a great option. Technical Tuesdays would not be providing the proper workshops without incorporating this big picture.


Navigating The Technical World

Technical Tuesdays helps people develop confidence in their computer and technical skills, and grow more comfortable in today's digital workplace. Join us for Technical Tuesdays and learn technical essentials for success in your job search and on-the-job. From learning the basics of how to use a computer and mastering business programs, there is a workshop for everyone from beginner to advanced. Please join us for Technical Tuesdays!

Do you have technical skills and want to share your knowledge? Please contact us to facilitate a workshop!


Write a Winning Resume

How can you make a resume YOUR RESUME? How can you make your resume stand out among other applicants? Learn how to write a specific, accomplishment based resume. Gain insights on different resume formats and a few tips on online resume resources, cover letters and references. We have dynamic discussions about what is actually needed in the resume. We use a variety of different resources to turn your resume into a simple and presentable marketing tool.

For a basic resume template, please click here. For feedback on your current resume, please email your resume to For more detailed review, please include job postings as either attachments or links.


Communicating with your Employer

Whether you are casually meeting a potential employer for the first time, attending a job fair, having a formal interview, working at a current job, or even after you have left a job... how you communicate with your employer is critical.

Join Technical Tuesdays for strategies and in depth discussion about communicating with your employer. For basic e-mail templates, please click here.


Productivity Power

How can we be more productive in our job search and on the job? We will review abbreviated workshops that come from an expert in productivity and organization. Learn how these simple technical skills can improve your productivity, and have a lasting effect on your health and wellness. Join us for Technical Tuesdays to improve your productivity!


Finding and Keeping a Job is Frustrating!

Enough said. Learn strategies, particularly using technology, to help make your job search easier and less stressful. Have fun and enjoy refreshments while growing your employment toolbox!

Join us for Technical Tuesdays!